Take your Pick -- Lifelong Learning Adventures for Curious Hearts

Take your Pick -- Lifelong Learning Adventures for Curious Hearts
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

World History Timeline - Charlotte Mason Inspired

Term 1Creation
Fall of Man
Sumer 4000BC
Menes (Narmer) 2500BC
Cheops (Khufu) 2000BC
Hammurabi 1800BC
Abraham 1800BC
Isaac 1750BC
Jacob 1700BC
Joseph 1700BC
Moses 1500BC
Judges 1300BC
Tutankhamen 1000BC

Term 2David 1000BC
Solomon 970BC
The Kingdom Divides 920BC
Trojan War 900BC
Homer 800BC
Phoenicians 900BC
Lycurgus and Sparta 900BC
First Olympics 770BC
Founding of Rome 750BC
Jonah 770BC
Assyrians Rule (Nineveh) 700BC
Babylonians Rule 600BC
Persians Rule 540BC
Buddha of India 500BC
Confucius of China 500BC
Draco and Solon 500BC
Aesop 500BC

Term 3
Jews return home
& Temple is rebuilt (Cyrus) 540BC
End of Kings of Rome 500BC
Battle at Marathon 490BC
Queen Esther 480BC
Thermopylae & Salamis 480BC
Golden Age, Pericles 480BC
Nehemiah 440BC
Peloponnesian War 430BC
Socrates 400BC
Plato 380BC
Aristotle 350BC
Alexander the Great 330BC
Punic Wars (Carthage) 200BC
Maccabees Revolt 170 BC

Term 4
Julius Caesar 50 BC
Augustus Caesar 30 BC
Birth of Jesus Christ 4 BC

Paul the Apostle AD 60
Nero (persecutes Christians) AD 60
Titus (destroys Jerusalem) AD 70
Pompeii destroyed AD 80
Marcus Aurelius (Stoics) AD 170
Commodus AD 180
Constantine AD 300
Fall of Rome (Barbarians) AD 470
Dark Ages Begin (Justinian) AD 500
Monks (Benedictine) AD 600

Term 5Mohammed AD 620
Battle of Tours AD 730
Charlemagne AD 800
Alfred the Great AD 900
Vikings Discover N.America AD 1000
William the Conqueror AD 1060
Crusades AD 1100
Richard the Lionhearted AD 1100

Term 6
Gothic Cathedrals AD 1200
Mongol Invaders AD 1200
Magna Charta AD 1200
Marco Polo AD 1300
Ibn Battuta AD 1330
100 yrs War AD 1350
Black Plague AD 1350
Joan of Arc AD 1420
Gutenberg AD 1440
Columbus AD 1490
Vasco De Gama AD 1450
Spanish Conquistadors AD 1500
Balboa AD 1510
Magellan AD 1510

Term 7
Renaissance AD 1500
Reformation AD 1520
Church of England (Henry VIII) AD 1530
Queen Mary AD 1560
Queen Elizabeth AD 1580
King James Bible AD 1610
30 Years War AD 1620
Oliver Cromwell (Commonwealth) AD 1650
Louis XIV of France AD 1700
Peter the Great (Russia) AD 1700

Seven Years War (French & Indian War) AD 1760
American Revolution AD 1780

Term 8
French Revolution AD 1790
Napoleon Bonaparte AD 1800
Latin America Revolutionaries (S Boliver) AD 1850

Crimean War (Florence Nightingale) AD 1850

Term 9
US Civil War (Abraham Lincoln) AD 1860
Franco-Prussian War AD 1870
Industrial Revolution (Age of Invention) AD 1910
World War I AD 1920

~ study Children's History of the 20th Century (DK Millennium) by DK Publishing

the Chinese "Boxers" Rebel (1900)
The Wright Brothers Fly the First Airplane (1903)
Einstein Proposes the Theory of Relativity (1905)
The Titanic Sinks (1912)
Henry Ford Introduces the Modern Factory (1913)
The United States Builds the Panama Canal (1914)
A Balkan Terrorist Assassinates Austria's Archduke Ferdinand (1914)  CHOW ch84
A German U-boat Sinks the Lusitania (1915)
Lenin leads an "October" Revolution in Russia (1917)
 The Treaty of Versailles Ends the Great War (1919)
 The Nineteenth Amendment Grants Women the Right to Vote (1920) 
Archaeologists Uncover "King Tut's" Tomb (1922) 
Charles A Lindbergh Solos over the Atlantic (1927)
 Penicillin Is Discovered (1928)
 The New York Stock Market Crashes (1929) 
Adolf Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany (1933)
 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Launches the New Deal (1933)CHOW ch85 
World War II Begins (1939) CHOW ch86
Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor (1941)CHOW ch87
 The Allies Invade Nazi-held Europe (1944)
British Troops Liberate the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp (1945)
 America Drops Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945)
 The Dead Sea Scrolls Are Discovered (1947) 
George C Marshall Announces a Postwar Recovery Plan (1947) CHOW ch88
The Nation of Israel Is Carved Out of Palestine (1948)
Russia Blockades Berlin (1948) CHOW ch89
China Becomes a Communist Nation (1949) CHOW ch90 
Billy Graham Becomes America's Most Prominent Christian Leader (1950)
The United States Goes to War with Korea (1950)
 The U S Supreme Court Strikes Down Racial Segregation (1954) 
Rosa Parks Refuses to Give Up Her Seat on a Montgomery Alabama Bus (1955)
The U S Government Approves a Vaccine for Polio (1955)CHOW ch91 
The Cuban Missile Crisis Unfolds (1962) 
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Is Assassinated (1963)
 The U S Congress Passes the Civil Rights Act (1964) 
The U S Congress Passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (1964) 
Israel Fights a Six-Day War Against Egypt and Its Arab Allies (1967)
 Martin Luther King Jr Is Assassinated (1968) 
Americans Walk on the Moon (1969)
 Richard Nixon Resigns as President of the United States (1974)
 Personal Computers Are Invented (1975) 
Saigon Falls (1975)
 Solidarity Strikes the Gdansk Shipyards (1980)
 China Suppresses the Pro-democracy Movement (1989) 
The Berlin Wall Comes Down (1989) 
A U N Coalition Goes to War with Iraq (1991)

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