Take your Pick -- Lifelong Learning Adventures for Curious Hearts

Take your Pick -- Lifelong Learning Adventures for Curious Hearts
" It is almost impossible to go through a whole day without learning something .. " so go ahead, take your pick and start your journey .. Lifelong Learning Adventures inspired by Charlotte Mason Homeschooling with a Living Books Curriculum

Monday, June 25, 2012

LEARN GERMAN - Die Sendung mit der Maus -Learn German for Kids Homeschooling

GERMAN - Die Sendung mit der Maus - Foreign Language Homeschooling

A little animated series called " Die Sendung mit der Maus" a german Kids Program.
Hier in this series the mouse learns English ...but it is easily helpful for english speaking kids who want to practice a little german vocabulary with cute little animations too :-)

Here  I list the episodes that are useful for learning german ..as opposed to learning english :-) 

Die Maus lernt English 01  - Learning English with the Mouse

Ein bischen Vokabular

Die Maus lernt English 03 - Counting backwards from 9 - 1
Neun Schreckliche Piraten

Zahlen von Neun bis Eins

Die Maus lernt English 04 - The Alphabet from A-Z

Buchstaben - Das Alphabet von A - Z 

Die Maus lernt English 05 - A Clown on his Hands - some new german Vocabulary

Ein paar neue Vokabeln

Alle Farben dieser Welt - All the Colours of the World Song

Lernen vond den Farben

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